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The TKE System has been through another revamp guys, so please have a quick read through this to acquaint yourself with things :)

First thing to know...

There are 3 tabulated pointages for each Ritari/Knight team.
:bulletred: Chivalries (the currency) - managed by admins.
:bulletorange: Exp. points - managed by admins
:bulletyellow: Credit points - managed by you

ALL MISSIONS are now run on RNG. There will be 3 missions types, each with different payoff levels and dangers.
Mission rewards are Chivalries - the currency of TKE.
The number and type of missions you go on will also affect your team's experience points (experience points gain your team titles)

HOWEVER, because we still want to encourage as much art, literature and RPing as possible, we now offer you a credit point system for both your Ritari AND your Knights!

These points are monitored and updated by you, and as you reach certain point levels, you gain a badge and a Chivalry bonus for your hard work - the more badges you collect, the higher the bonus becomes :D
When you have reached the necessary amount of points for a badge update, simply not the group with a link to the ref of the Ritari or Knight in question.

So yes, the point system is as follows:

Credit Points

Art CP

Headshot = 0.5
Partial-body= 1
Fullbody = 2

Uncoloured +0
Flat-coloured +1
Fully shaded +2

No/Simple BG +0
With simple BG +1
With detailed BG +2

Simple animation (blink/ears) +1
Moderate animation (tail/mane) +2
Hard animation (fullbody movement) +3

Shown with bonded partner +1
Training art +1
Mission art (art drawn to represent your Ritari/Knight on a mission) +2

Literary CP

Dialogue story = 1
Short blurb story (1-2 paragraphs) = 1
Short-medium story = 2
Medium length story = 3
Long story = 4

Other Knights/Ritaris involved +1

Bio CP

Steel Rank = 0
Copper = 1
Bronze = 2
Silver = 3
Gold = 4
White Gold = 5
Platinum = 6

Ritari with 2 badges in bloodlines +1
Offspring or grandget with 2 badges +1

Ritari with Crossed-Swords badge in bloodlines +2
Offspring or grandget with Crossed-Swords badge +2

Ritari with Crossed-Lances badge in bloodlines +3
Offspring or grandget with Crossed-Lances badge +3

Exp. Points CP

Untrained (Less than 5 missions) +0
Novice (2 missions completed) +1
Amateur (5 missions completed) +2
Skilled (10 missions completed) +3
Veteran (20 missions completed) +4
Legendary (50 missions completed) +5


Pointless, but fun titles to collect! ;D

No. of times successful + uninjured -----> (Over 5 times - "Golden Child" OR "Overachiever")

No. of times critically injured -----> (Over 5 times - "Death-defying" OR "Unlucky B*st*rd")

Resurrected after mission death -----> ("Undead" OR "Zombie")

Escape injury while all other teams are injured -----> ("Jinx")

Badge Levels

:icontkeartribplz: - 5 CP = 10 chivalries bonus
:icontkelitribplz: - 15 CP = 30 chivalries bonus
:icontkerpribplz: - 30 CP = 60 chivalries bonus
:icontkerngribplz: - 50 CP = 100 chivalries bonus!
:icontkerng4plz: - 70 CP = 140 chivalries bonus!
:icontkerp3plz: - 100 CP = 200 chivalries bonus!
:icontkelit2plz: - 150 CP = 300 chivalries bonus!
:icontkeart1plz: - 200 CP = 400 chivalries bonus!

To get your chivalry bonus, please NOTE the group about new badge levels. Once we have verified this, we will adjust your chivalries :D

To see an example of the system in use, look HERE

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January 11, 2013


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